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Elmar Schaab

Global PLM Program Manager at ABB
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Elmar Schaab's Biography:

As ABB Electrification Products Global PLM Program Manager, Elmar leads ABB EP PLM vision.

Prior roles include Global IT Manager, Process Consultant, Software Designer and Electronics Engineer. His experiences include business process optimization and implementation of global software applications.

Presentation Title:

Enterprise Configuration and Beyond

Presentation Description:

Historically, configurator applications have been implemented to serve domain specific requirements, i.e. sales, R&D or manufacturing. This resulted in the creation of complex multi-dimensional systems with point-to-point interfacing problems. Isolating these configuration problems is error-prone, creates inconsistency and high reconciliation efforts which becomes even more challenging when multiple ERPs and region-specific sales configurations are used.

Integrated Enterprise Configuration must enhance customer experience, which means configuration must support multi-channel sales. It should create operational excellence in Product Engineering, Product Management and Manufacturing and drive revenue growth by providing easy insight into configurable products, systems and solutions without the need for detailed technical knowledge.

Demonstrating how ABB EP division uses Ace to integrate Sales, R&D and Manufacturing configurations, this presentation will cover how Ace integrates existing system landscapes of sales systems, PLM and manufacturing ERPs enabling “design anywhere – manufacture anywhere – sell anywhere.”

The presentation will also show how ABB is taking this beyond the enterprise by integrating its configurator within the sales ecosystems of wholesalers, enabling their customers to configure ABB products.