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Keynote speaker at CLM Summit 2016 Europe - Martin Neff, Audi

Martin Neff

Complexity Manager, Audi

Martin Neff has worked at Audi since 1998, first as a design engineer in the pre-development of car body and interior concepts and then as a development engineer of frontal protection systems. Additionally, he worked as team coordinator for airbag and sensor systems, head of seat safety/car body security, and in project management of X/D series; culminating as Manager of the Vehicle Safety Center. Neff studied physics at the University of Regensburg and the University of East Anglia.

Presentation Title:

History, Status and next step of Audi’s complexity program - How tools and data are involved in optimizing part spectres

Presentation Description:

  • What were Audi’s key findings to start a complexity program.
  • How is it organized, what is going on, what was achieved so far?
  • How does Data Management infect product and part variations
  • Conclusions
  • From Vision to Reality: VERA as optimization tool
  • New Knowledge, new Visions
  • From Vision to Roadmap
  • Measures and Obstacles on the way
  • Discussion with audience