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CLM Summit

The CLM Summit is a forum aimed at establishing Configuration Lifecycle Management as a business discipline that links product facing platforms, customer facing platforms, and e-business to a single source of truth for configurable products.

One outcome of the first CLM Summit held at Lake Lanier in Atlanta, GA was the CLM Declaration.

CLM Summit 2016

CLM Summit 2016 will take place at two different venues. One is scheduled in Germany on Sep. 27-29, Chiemsee, Bavaria and one in North America on Oct. 17-19, Marco Island, Florida.

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2015 CLM Declaration

The CLM Declaration was created and signed by participants
of the first CLM Summit held at Lake Lanier, Georgia.
You can download the CLM Declaration as a pdf here.

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CLM Summit 2016 Europe

Sep. 27-29, Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany

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CLM Summit 2016 North America

Oct. 17-19, Marco Island, Florida, United States

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The CLM Challenge

Most companies that produce configurable products experience the headache of misaligned configurations related to product definitions and rules being maintained and consumed by different parts of the organization.

CLM is defined as follows:

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the management of all configuration definitions and configurations across all involved business processes applied throughout the lifecycle of a product.

The alignment of configuration definitions and configurations saves organizations time and money and allows for a higher degree of innovation in product development.

The CLM Summit promotes sharing  insights and experiences that further develop strategies and best practices related to CLM.


Without a proper CLM Solution, configuration logic is authored and maintained in separate systems. A CLM solution ensures that configuration logic once authored in PLM, CRM, ERP or bespoke legacy systems is maintained in one single system.

The First CLM Summit

Keynote Henrik Reif Andersen

Keynote speaker Henrik Reif Andersen detailing some of the background behind the concept of CLM.

Workshop on the 2nd day of the summit.

Workshop on the 2nd day of the summit.

Signing the CLM Declaration.

Signing the CLM Declaration.

Configit hosted the first ever Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Summit and explored best practices for handling the complex product lifecycle. Over two days in September 2015, at Lake Lanier in Atlanta, GA, technology strategists and business developers from around the world networked and exchanged ideas on complex product configuration procedures, solutions, and new technologies.

The event commenced with speakers from leading organizations who provided unique, cutting edge insight into product configurations. Key speakers and topics included:

  • Bruce Cameron, Partner at Technology Strategy Partners (TSP), MIT Lecturer – MIT Commonality Study
  • Henrik I. Christensen, Professor, Georgia Tech – Digital manufacturing in a non-flat world
  • James Gehan, Vice President, Global Platforms solution, PTC – Product lifecycle management perspectives on CLM
  • Lawrence Matusek, Chief Technology Officer of eLogic – Managing configuration in the age of the customer
  • Sean Hunt, Business Process Expert for Philips Lighting Solutions – Perspective on the transformation to configured product and services based company
  • Steve Schneider, Sr. Consulting Product Data Analyst, Product Data Services, Steelcase – Perspective from Steelcase on CLM & Innovation

On the second day of the Summit, Configit held an open forum discussion with all attendees to define CLM, address CLM challenges, and outline goals for the future. A joint consensus was reached and the CLM Declaration was created. The Declaration brings further insight to industry best practices, solutions and new technologies as well as a scale for benchmarking CLM capabilities. It will be used as the discipline of handling complex products throughout a product lifecycle during an era where the catalog is dead and product options and complexity are exploding.


More information about the event is available at the CLM Summit 2015 website.

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